Dating America

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By Jake Breslauer with permission from Satirical NonsenseIn 2016 we will be electing a new President, which means for the next year, fellow liberals and I will be quoting NPR in a desperate attempt to prove that we're politically active; But come time after the elections, we will stop pretending to read the paper on our iPad's and admit that we wer

Hope for Harper: How a Little Girl With CDKL5 Epilepsy Helped Bring Medical Marijuana to Latin America

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The story of my daughter Harper is that everybody's life, even if they have special needs, has a purpose.My daughter Harper Elle Howard was born on April 12, 2010, with a very rare, non-hereditary, life-threatening genetic disorder called CDKL5 epilepsy -- at just two weeks old, she started experiencing seizures that were so severe, my husband Dust

Will 2016 Be the Year of Cannabis?

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The prospects of legal cannabis in 2016 have come a long way in the last two years. In 2014 the cannabis industry exploded when legal sales of cannabis for personal use began in Colorado and Washington State, the Rohrabacher amendment finally passed in the House of Representatives, and the sky did not come crashing down. It seemed like the floodga

'Three a Light': The Revolutionary Cannabis Growing Guide

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"It's like I am talking to a bunch of horse-dealers about where they can purchase a unicorn. Nobody believes it, but everyone wants to see it."This is the story of Joshua Haupt, Denver's own fun-loving, charismatic, low-stress father, gardener and entrepreneur. Haupt's line of business? Marijuana. Specifically speaking, the growing process... and h

NetFix: You'll Flip Your Lid Over It

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NetFix: You'll Flip Your Lid Over It NetFlix announced plans to employ its highly successful sales formula in the field of marijuana distribution with the opening of NetFix. For a fee of just $250 a month, NetFix will mail out an initial packet of seven marijuana delivery systems (or, joints, as they are more commonly known.) Customers will then m

Colorado Celebrates Legalization Anniversary: Massive Drop in Arrests and Millions in Tax Revenue

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More than three years have passed since Colorado residents voted to legalize marijuana, which immediately allowed adults to possess and cultivate limited amounts of marijuana. This past New Year's Day marked the two-year anniversary of adults being able to legally buy marijuana in Colorado. The policy is still in its formative stage, but the first

Coming Out Green

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Last h, I came out green to two million people: the circulation of the Sunday New York Times. I hadn't expected to come out in such a spectacular fashion - in the most public way imaginable. True, I was about to publish Just Say Yes: A Marijuana Memoir, in which I am frank and enthusiastic about my longtime cannabis use. Candor is the point: it

Weed 1. DWI Drugs 0: Court Dismisses Case Where Defendant Admits to Smoking 'Weed' Before Driving

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A recent case in Suffolk County may have made it more difficult to prosecute driving while intoxicated by drugs, a violation of Vehicle and Traffic Law Section 1192(4), also called DWI Drugs. In New York like other states, just as it is illegal to drive while intoxicated by alcohol it is also illegal to drive when one's ability is impaired by a dru

Top 10 Anti-Marijuana Legalization Policy Victories of 2015

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2015 will be remembered as the year legalization hit bumps most supporters never anticipated. For pro-health advocates that oppose marijuana legalization, it was a year of fantastic victories! Here are the top 10: 10. Big Marijuana is Real -- and People are Writing About It. When we started talking about Big Marijuana in 2013, many people laughed

The Top 10 Marijuana Policy Victories of 2015

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In 2015, state legislators considered bills to legalize marijuana in 21 states, decriminalize marijuana possession in 17 states, and legalize medical marijuana in 19 states.Most of the action in 2015 was aimed at achieving substantial victories in 2016, which is slated to be the most successful year in the history of the movement to end marijuana p

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