Intimate White Skin Whitening Soap


Intimate White Soaps help you lighten darkened skin in your private areas, as well as elbows, knees and arm pits.

Intimate White products include natural enzymes and citron oils, absolutely natural and healthy.These ingredients have been proven to be effective in naturally rejuvenating your skin, reducing dark spots, appearance of scars and achieving a lighter skin tone.

Suitable for Both Men and Women, Intimate White Soap may be used on darkened or discolored areas, including:
  • Private Areas ( Vagina, Pubic)
  • Elbows and Knees
  • Dark Spot, Lines
  • Marks Scars or Burns
  • Underarms and Chest
  • General Discoloration
Our skin bleaching soap can help you get the complexion you've always dreamed about. Browse through our wide selection to find the perfect soap for your skin.
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